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UPDATE: Signal 1.5 Update

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 10:07PM CDT
Signal 1.5 (BPM Update)

New Features:

    New Beats Per Minute (BPM) Modifier Tab
        -Divide time into measures based off a set BPM.
        -Drive parts of measures via up to 16 different splines.
        -Divide Measures into up to 16 beats.
        -Highlight current beat based on current time.
        -Utilize Muting, Triplets, and various spline presets.
        -Add up to 32 Measures in a single tab.
        -Create cumulative effects via “Additive” BPMS.
        -Limit animation to particular measures with Strength over time.
        -Handy presets to get different spline types and measure divisions.
    Step (or “Snapping”)
        -New Step Time to modulate the incoming time.
        -New Step Value to modulate the output value.
        -Global Step Time and Value in the Output tab.

    Time Remap Noise
        -New Time Remap option in Noise Tabs. Lets the noise pattern progress not just by time, but now by being driven by another Signal Tag.

    -Base Tab layout more readable.
    -An additional baking option “Driven Signal to Keyframes” allows baking
    when a Signal Tag is driven by another Signal Tag or is keyframed.

New Scripts:
    -New “Set BPM” which will set all current Signal Tags to a particular BPM.
    -New “Multiply BPM” which will multiply all current Signal Tags BPM’s with a value.
    -New “Set BPM” which will set all current Signal Tags to a particular BPM.
    -New “Turn off BPM Highlights” to turn off any “Highlighted” BPM Tabs to improve playback

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