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GorillaCam FAQ

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018 02:17PM CST

How does this differ from C4D's Camera Tools?

GorillaCam is much simpler and we believe a more intuitive workflow than the native C4D tools. GorillaCam is not a rig. It's not stuck to a spline. Meaning, it does not force the artist to animate their camera with specific tools in a specific way. It simply references whatever camera you feed it. In fact, you can even use it in on a Motion Camera. Also, GorillaCam has many features that the Motion Camera and the vibrate tag lacks. Such as the ability to save and share presets, one click baking, simple scaling options, three frequencies of shake, the ability to easily create focal drift, our unique "Jolt" parameter, the "I'm feeling lucky" button, and much more.

Does GorillaCam work with any camera type in Cinema 4D?

Yes. GorillaCam supports all standard Cinema 4D camera types.

Will GorillaCam work with third-party renderers?

Yes. You can put third-party render tags on GorillCam just like you would a regular C4D camera.

Can I animate my GorillaCam?

GorillaCam needs a camera to reference. If you launch the plugin without a camera selected, GorillaCam will ask you if you'd like to create a reference camera. All of the motion animations of your camera needs to happen on your reference camera. Think of GorillaCam as a filter on top of your original camera. If your original camera is animated, then GorillaCam will be as well. If your reference camera is motionless, then GorillaCam will be motionless (until you put some sweet shake on there at least).

Will it work on render farms?

If you encounter a cloud farm that does not have GorillaCam installed, simply choose one of the two baking options and delete the GorillaCam tag before you upload to your render farm.

Is it compatible with After Effects AEC files or Cineware?

Yes, as long as you bake out your GorillaCam using our one-click-bake button, you'll be just fine.

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